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Membership of The Armed Forces Veterans Badge Association (AFVBA) is totally
FREE Go see if you QUALIFY, if so, download the GOV.UK Application Form from HERE.

AFVBA “Business” is carried out online using this Web Site and including
The Facebook AFVBA Member's ONLY Group, and the AFVBA Newsletter delivered by e-mail. You join the AFVBA by using this Joining Form which signs you up as an AFVBA Member and Includes you on the AFVBA Newsletter/Mailing List, your real name and a regular email address are all that’s required, by signing up you confirm that you are an AFVB Holder or you have legally applied for your AFVB.

You can set up your Free @AFVBA.UK eMail Address ( Example: ) Online Webmail and/or your Free Website ( Example: ) AFTER you have joined the AFVBA. Please when setting up your @AFVBA.UK eMail Address use e.g. firstname(.) and use your REAL NAME (the one you signed up with), to prevent deletion of your New eMail Account. Also use your regular email address (the one you signed up with) as your Recovery eMail Address.

Fakers, Walts and other Dregs of Society will be outed, deleted, blocked and banned from the AFVBA Network!

yours AYE!
Ray "Happy" Day RN

Founder of The AFVBA

Contacting the MOD Medal Office:
Freephone (UK only): 0808 1914 218
Telephone (from Overseas): +44 1253 866 043
Replace your Armed Forces Veterans Badge
NOTE: You can apply for a replacement veterans badge,
you don’t have to pay a fee if it’s the first time you’ve lost it,
but you’ll have to pay a fee for any further replacements.
Apply for your Armed Forces Veterans Badge


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